Puppy Confidence Sessions

Building your little ones confidence

Evidence shows that it takes approximately 3 sessions to acclimatize a puppy to a grooming environment. It is key that puppies are introduced sooner rather than later to grooming, the general rule of thumb is that puppies should be introduced once they have completed their vaccinations (where possible). The sole purpose of our Puppy Confidence sessions are to ensure that your puppy feels confident and happy when visiting their groomer. Each session is deliberately short, no more than 30 minutes and should be conducted over a 3 week period.

We will cover;

  • Light brushing/massaging

  • Paw handling and inspection

  • Eyes, ears and teeth inspection

  • Nail tipping, rather than clipping, getting your puppy used to the sensation

  • Bathing, this is more about having fun in the bubbles than actually getting clean

  • Building up to a pad and face trim, (your puppy will not be clipped during these sessions however, they will be introduced to the sensation of clippers).

All of which will be combined with a lot of cuddles, love and of course the odd treat!